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Photo: Melissa Hom

Toronto's Best Cheap Eats
It is often believed that if you are not paying much for your food, you should not expect a great service or good quality. Well this is proven to be wrong many times. Toronto offers some great restaurants that allow you to eat like a prince at pauper's prices »by: Sara Brown

Ice Cream That Makes You Feel You are In New York
You could always buy your ice cream from a grocery store or even a chain like Dairy Queen, and yes Haagen Daz is delicious. But if you ever want take the extra step to turn a hot summer day into a special one, you will need to grab an ice cream from one of these shops, where Toronto's real cream is offered » by: Chris Cooper

Toronto's Best Sushi: A Journey to Japan
Sushi is by far one of the most popular food types ever existed. This is true all around the world, specially in Toronto. The city is full of sushi places, many very cheap and some pricey ones. But not all sushi is the same. Sushi is more than a mere food type, making good sushi is filled with many great details and is very cultural related. This is so crucial that the Japanese government is now getting involved in finding restaurants overseas that offer good quality sushi in order to promote its foodstuffs and also protect its culture. The government will give a 'chopstick up' if a restaurant gets the approval, and only the 'authentic' eateries are subject to approval »by: Chris Cooper

Toronto's Best Food After Midnight: For Those That Like To Party
Our city is known for its night scene and its entertainment district. We have one of the most number of clubs in the world. With so many people partying, one wonders where are all the restaurants with kitchens open passed midnight? Well there is lots, but there is a few that must be checked out, even if you are not into partying or sleeping late. Recommendation is to find something to do on Saturday night and stay up late, in order to go and hit one of these places. Not only you are guaranteed really good food but you will be amazed by how busy these restaurants get and the number of people rushing in and out, so think of them as the only tourist attraction passed midnight on a weekend »by: Sara Brown
There are many great restaurants in Toronto, with lots of world class chefs working behind the scene. But every year there is a few that put in the extra effort to make their client's experience a more memorable one. From so many restaurants to choose from, the followings are the best of the best. There are divided into three categories: Food, Service, and Decor.

There are several criteria for a restaurant to be included on one of these lists. They are all restaurants that have received good critical reviews and are known for providing a unique dining experience. The media is covering these restaurants and people are talking about them. We have also done an extensive research in order to find out what the Torontonians are saying and what they would choose as their favorite restaurants in each category. Last but not least, all these restaurants are also on the top lists of other restaurant guides. by: Chris Cooper

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Popular Types:
Brunch (21)
Sunday's Best: What do you want in a brunch? Bloody Marys as strong as the coffee, no line, and enough choices to satisfy your bacon-lovin' brother and your vegan aunt. Toronto has got it all.
Czehoski, Dragon Dynasty, Edward Levesque's Kitchen, Fressen, House on Parliament, Planet Kensington, Pulp Kitchen, Verveine
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Breakfast (25)
Critically Acclaimed:
Bonjour Brioche, Brar Sweets, Chinese Traditional Buns, Crepe It Up, Croissant Tree, eggspectation, Clafouti, Mels Montreal Delicatessen, Morning Glory, Rose Cafe
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Bar (29)
From a Good University Bar, to A Romantic Spot:
Hey Lucy, Kilgours Bar and Grill, Latitude Wine Bar & Grill, Hard Rock Cafe, Duff's Famous Wings, Einstein
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Cafe (28)
From Neighborhood Hotspots to Critically Acclaimed:
Morning Glory, La Tea Da, Viva Tastings Foodie Destination, By The Way Cafe
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Patisserie (3)
A patisserie is a French bakery with its products specializing in pastries and sweets. Here are a few of Toronto's critically acclaimed patisseries:
Frangipane, Queen of Tarts, Rahier
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Popular Features:
Delivery (108)
There are many restaurants offering delivery at all times, many fast food places and also many fine dining:
Thai Basil, Mr. Sub, Mt. Everest Restaurant Taste of Of Himalayas, New Generation Sushi, Urban The Restaurant, Thai Bangkok Restaurant
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Open After Midnight (89)
Toronto has a great night scene and there is quite a few restaurants that are open late. Some of which are amongst the best food you can find in town:
Lolita's Lust & The Chinchilla Lounge, Nectar Restaurant, The Sultan's Tent & Cafe Moroc, King's Noodle, Pizza Cora, Fuzion
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Cater (73)
Some of the finest Toronto restaurants offer catering:
Midi Bistro, Splendido, Mistura, North 44, Monsoon, Pan on the Danforth
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UofT Cafeteria (40)
University of Toronto offers many cafeterias that become crucial to the lives of those that go to the school, or even more crucial to those that live on campus. Here you can check out the different cafeterias the school offers, with their pictures, descriptions, hours, map, and all other info, including what restaurants are located in each cafeteria and what kind of food they offer. »

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